Smart. The guys are always in trousers and shirt with either tie/braces/bowtie and the lady in a coordinated colour. We dress in a style that ensures we are looking good but also comfortable enough to play and engage the crowd.

Over the years we have had very generous spaces and very tight corners to fit into. The absolute minimum for band and all equipment (to ensure great sound) is 3.5m x 2.5m. It also needs to be dry and flat. We would also require at least 2 mains sockets minimum.

Yes we bring enough lighting for the band and immediate dance floor area.

Yes. All our members have PLI (public liability insurance) and we get our equipment PAT tested every 2 years. Certificates available non request.

No. We have performed in many venues with sound limiters and are comfortable doing so. For example, we are a recommended supplier for Dodford manor which has a sound limiter.

Yes. The band will require a small place/room thats big enough to get changed into outfits and relax for the Interval playlists. Please arrange for a few jugs of squash or water for the band throughout the evening and for some food to refuel. This applies to all bookings, and especially when the band is there for an early set up. The food can be either access to the evening buffet or if you would prefer, a separate meal of pizza/chips/sandwiches etc prior to the start of music or for during a playlist interval.

The band requires 70mins minimum for set up, prior to the start of the event/arrival of guests. Based on a 8:00pm start the band would look to arrive around 6:00pm to set up and sound check. At weddings this is usually completed directly prior to the evening reception. When the room is being used all day there will need to be an ‘early set up’ fee charged (£150). We try to avoid this whenever possible so it might be worth checking with or asking your venue if there is anywhere to retire to a different area, such as a bar/lounge area for the 70mins we require to set up and sound check.

Duo requires 30mins to set up. Example: Due to perform at 2:00pm, the Duo would
arrive around 1:00pm.

Classical guitarist requires 30mins to set up. Example: Due to perform at 2:00pm, the
guitarist would arrive around 1:00pm.

Yes, but we would require an early set up fee (£150) to do so. A lot of customers have us set up early for this reason, due to the benefit of having the mic/music and the band done and dusted and the day running smoothly.

If this is something you would like then could you please arrange the speech givers to meet with us for 2 minutes so we can direct them on how to use the radio microphone.

We understand that even the most precise planning can result in overrunning. This isn’t a problem, as long as the band has time to set up and sound check (70 mins) they will reduce the interval playlist times (to a minimum of 10 mins) so you still get as much as the band playing as possible.

No problem. Before we draw up your personal contract we will discuss the finer points of the evening over the phone/skype or a meeting.

No, not in our case. Our bassist is a qualified sound engineer and studio wizard, and due to our very up to date equipment we can mix and produce a quality sound from our tablets while performing.

Yes. We offer the first 15 miles free, but after that a charge of 0.75 per mile will be worked out and added to your final contract. Our central point is Leighton Buzzard anything over a 15 mile radius from that location will be subject to this charge. We do this as there is always multiple cars due to: 4 band members, their personal effects, change of
clothes, instruments, band gear, lights…the list goes on.

Our preferred method is by BACS, but are happy to receive payment by cheque or cash. Payment details will be outlined in your personal contract.We also confirm receipt by email following each payment received.

No. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate these kind of requests due to public liability insurance (PLI). And the use of our equipment by anyone other than the band is strictly prohibited. That being said we have performed at musicians weddings before where they did play with us for one song, but they had to provide us with their PLI certificate and bring all their own gear for the performance.

We respectfully request that guests do not enter the performance area at any time – There are plenty of cables, and equipment to trip over within the band area. Whilst we understand guests are keen to get involved we ask they do so on the dance floor. As we’re sure you can appreciate, the bands equipment is very expensive and are the tools of our trade, if they were to become damaged it could potentially mean not being able to continue with the evenings performance. Should a guest enter the performance area the band will politely ask them leave the area and return to the dance floor. If this continues following the request the band will cease playing until they feel it’s safe for them to continue.

In the event of a cancellation the following plan will apply at the bands discretion.

Cancellation period prior to event date
Over 12 Months20%
12 Months – 2 Months40%
4 Weeks – 8 Days60%
7 – 0 Days80%
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